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We offer locally-sourced, organically grown cannabis in Bangor, ME

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Our cannabis store sells homegrown products in Bangor, ME

The Imperial Connection offers locally-grown cannabis flower and cannabis products in Bangor, ME. Many of our products feature cannabis grown in our local grow house, where experienced professionals care for every plant. We also offer a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Consult our experienced team

The professionals at our cannabis store draw from more than 10 years of experience. We use our experience to provide guidance to people seeking the benefits of cannabis, whether they're addressing their physical or mental health. Consult us right away to learn from our team. You can get informed about cannabis, its potential uses and specific products that can suit you.

Plan your trip to The Imperial Connection

Do you have a medical marijuana card from Maine or another state? You can visit our cannabis store to:

  • Consult our staff about medical marijuana products
  • Buy cannabis flower, edibles, drinks, concentrates or vape pens
  • Use our weekly Wax Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday discounts

To find out more about what you can get at our store, call 207-573-1056 now. In addition to locally grown cannabis, we can give advice on cannabis use in balance with traditional and plant-based medicine.